The first aid industry should encourage public welfare competition

  •  2021/4/16 11:44:20

The government’s responsibility is not only to establish a medical security system that allows everyone to have money to see a doctor, but also to turn the public’s need for how to see a doctor into an industry-specific professional standard. All medical institutions operate in accordance with the standards and follow the law. Those who fail to meet the standards Can only be out

Nowadays, people may be at a loss when they call emergency numbers. They can call 120 or 96999, and they can also call some small and medium-sized hospitals, but they are not sure whether they will be taken to the nearest hospital. "Patients who have received money" happen from time to time, and emergency personnel will evacuate one after another for the people in need and those who rely on civil affairs funding.

In response to this chaos, 120 explained that we are implementing "localization" management in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health to manage the only licensed service number for pre-hospital first aid; and 96999 said that we are backed by the largest and best tertiary hospitals in Guizhou Province with emergency rescue capabilities. The strongest, why not let us serve patients?