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Product Name: First Aid Kit 151 Piece, TASOON SA001
Produced With High Quality Standards in a FDA Approved facility and contains enhanced first aid supplies for beginner campers, avid outdoorsmen and lifeguard agencies, fire departments, hospitals, and schools.
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Product description

Emergency treatment of minor wound. Sizes of bandages can easily prevent the wound worsening. 
Small size and lightweight case, so you can carry it with you and all your family members anywhere, or leave it at home, or in your car.  
It's a very basic collection of sizes of bandage that is packaged in a way that makes it easy to take along and keeps all the items organized and secure.  

1pc. Combine Pads 5”*9” 
5pc. Adhesive Bandages 1”*3” 
25pc. Adhesive Bandages 72*19mm 
10pc. Adhesive bandage smaller 
4pc. Adhesive bandage, for knuckles 
1pc. Fingertip Bandages 
8pc. Adhesive bandage 22mm 
10pc. Alcohol prep pads 
5pc. Povidone-Iodine prep pad 
5pc. Antiseptic cleansing wipes 
4pc. Sting relief pads 
5pc. Butterfly closure strips 
1pc. Cold compress, disposable 
20pc. Cotton tip applicator 
1pc. CPR facemask 
1pc. Emergency blanket 
1pc. Elastic conforming bandage 5cm x 4.5m 
1pc. First aid tape 
2pc. Gauze pad, sterile, 2”*2” 
2pc. Gauze pad, sterile, 3”*3” 
1pc. Gauze Pad, Sterile, 4”*4” 
1pc. Glow stick 
1pc. Metal tweezers 
1pc. Moleskin blister relief pad 
1pc. Poncho, disposable 
1pc. Razor blade 
1pc. Rescue whistle 
1pc. Sewing kit 
12pc. Safety pins 
1pc. Compass 
1pc. Scissors 
1pc. Triangular bandages 
2pc. Vinyl gloves, disposable 
1pc. Nylon bag with color paper box 8*6*3” 
1pc. Content list 
1pc. Paper sleeve

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