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Product Name: First Aid Kit 42 Pieces, TASOON TH1001
Waterproof plastic box ( 3.7"4.7"0.8", easy to carry), holds all the valuable first aid supplies and preparedness items.Lightweight and mini size kit.Emergency treatment for minor wound. Prevent the wound from getting worse.
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- Emergency treatment of minor wound. Sizes of bandages can easily prevent the wound worsening.
- Small size and lightweight case, so you can carry it with you and all your family members anywhere, or leave it at home, or in your car. 
- It‘s a very basic collection of sizes of bandage that is packaged in a way that makes it easy to take along and keeps all the items organized and secure. 

1pc First Aid Box: 3.7"×4.7"×0.8"
1pc Non-adherent Sterile Pads: 2.0"×3.0"
1pc Ahesive Bandage: 2.5"×1.6" 
4pcs Alcohol Pad 
5pcs Ahesive Bandage: 2.2"×0.7" 
10pcs Ahesive Bandage: 2.8"×0.8" 
10pcs Ahesive Bandage: 1.6"×0.4" 
10pcs Circular Band-aid: 0.9"

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