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Product Name: First Aid Kit 19 Pieces, TASOON TH1003
Portable first aid kit, case dimensions: 5.3"4.9"1.2", the handle designe is easy to carry, holds all the valuable first aid supplies and preparedness items Lightweight and mini size kit, which is good for all your family members.
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WHY THIS KIT? - Easy for you to get the emergency essentials items. Emergency treatment of minor wound, prevent the wound worsening. - Small size and lightweight case, so you can carry it with you and all your family members anywhere, or leave it at home, or in your car. 
- It‘s a very basic collection of first aid items that is packaged in a way that makes it easy to take along and keeps all the items organized and secure. 
OUR BRAND -- TASOON is an American registered brand, all products are sold exclusively by SunSoon authorized retailers, all products are 100% brand new and in high quality.

1pc Plastic First Aid Box: 5.3"×3.9"×1.2" 
1pc Conforming Bandage: 2.0"×49yards
1pc Surgical Tape Roll: 0.5"×5.46yards
1pc Plastic&Metal Scissors: 3.5"
1pc Cleaning Wipe
2pcs Adhesive Bandages: 3.0"×1.0"
2pcs Adhesive Bandages: 2.8"×0.7"
2pcs Adhesive Bandages: 1.6"×0.4"
2pcs Sterile Gauze Swabs: 2.0"×2.0"
3pcs Cotton Balls in Roll
4pcs Cotton Buds in Polybag

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