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Product Name: First Aid Kit, TH1007
This is your best choice for road trips, hiking, backpacking, camping, travel, car, kitchen, workplace, school and home.
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- Easy for you to get the emergency essentials items. Emergency treatment of minor wound, prevent the wound worsening. - Small size and lightweight case, so you can carry it with you and all your family members anywhere, or leave it at home, or in your car. 
- It‘s a very basic collection of first aid items that is packaged in a way that makes it easy to take along and keeps all the items organized and secure. 

- Wide range of uses, perfect for road trips, hiking, backpacking, camping, travel, kitchen, workplace, school and home.



1 Emergency Blanket 160x210cm
1 Triangular Bandage 96x96x136cm     
1 Saline 15ml
2 Pair Of Vinyl Gloves M
2 PBT Bandage 6cmx4m                           
2 PBT Bandage 8cmx4m                            
5 Non-woven Pad 10cmx10cm                    
1 Sterile Eye Pad 5x7cm                                 
1 Mouth-to-mouth Mask                                
1 Ice Bag  170g
1 Metal Scissors 15cm             
1 Plastic Tweezers 12.5cm         
10 iodine-povide swabs
6 Alcohol Pad
6 sting relief pad
20 Adhesive Bandage 72x19mm   
10 Adhesive Bandage 56x19mm   
8 Plasters, round, 20mm dia
6 BZK Pad              
2 Burning Dressing 400x600mm
1 first aid tape 1.25*5cm
10 Safety Pins 
1 Thermometer digital
1 cotton ball 10pcs
1 Burn Cream  40g
1 Wood Splint
1 Aluminum First Aid Box 27x14.5x17cm              


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